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dc.publisherkassel university press
dc.rightsUrheberrechtlich geschützt
dc.titleTowards Interdisciplinary Design Patterns for Ubiquitous Computing Applicationseng
dc.typeWorking paper
dcterms.abstractDer vorliegende Band ist ein zweiter Technischer Bericht, der aus dem Forschungsschwerpunkt LOEWE-VENUS hervorgegangen ist. Aufbauend auf Band 1 der ITeG Technical Reports, der die VENUS-Entwicklungsmethode als kompletten Entwicklungszyklus vorstellt, wird hier herausgearbeitet, inwieweit Ergebnisse aus der Entwicklung dieser neuen interdisziplinären Gestaltungsmethodik bereits als Vorgaben in Form von Mustern standardisiert und wiederverwendet werden können. Durch diese Muster sozialverträglicher Informationstechnikgestaltung soll der Aufwand in Entwicklungsprozessen in der Praxis erheblich reduziert werden.ger
dcterms.abstractTo draw on the full potential of Ubiquitous Computing (UC) systems, they have to be designed with awareness for their social embedding in order to increase the user acceptance. To this end, not only the compliance with laws has to be ensured, but also usability-enhancing and trust and confidence-building measures have to be applied. This makes the development of UC applications a challenging task that involves experts from different disciplines. The main contribution of this report is a set of design patterns for UC applications that specifically focus on the interweaving and implementation of multidisciplinary requirements. The patterns capture the design know-how of typical, recurring features in context-aware adaptive UC applications with particular concern for the sociotechnical requirements. First, we present a detailed discussion of the related work on design patterns in the realm of UC. Afterwards, we explain our research methodology and the template structure of our pattern specifications. The core of the report consists of eight interdisciplinary UC design patterns. This initial list of patterns was derived from several application case studies in the interdisciplinary research project LOEWE-VENUS.We view this collection as a starting point for an evolving set of commonly accepted reusable design patterns that facilitate the development of accepted and acceptable UC applications.eng
dcterms.accessRightsopen access
dcterms.creatorBaraki, Harun
dcterms.creatorGeihs, Kurt
dcterms.creatorHoffmann, Axel
dcterms.creatorVoigtmann, Christian
dcterms.creatorKniewel, Romy
dcterms.creatorMacek, Björn-Elmar
dcterms.creatorZirfas, Julia
dcterms.extent37 Seiten
dcterms.isPartOfITeG Technical Reports ;; Band 2eng
dc.subject.swdUbiquitous Computingger
dc.subject.swdMuster <Struktur>ger
dcterms.source.seriesITeG Technical Reports
dcterms.source.volumeBand 2
kup.seriesITeG Technical Reports
kup.subjectNaturwissenschaft, Technik, Informatik, Medizin
kup.institutionFB 16 Elektrotechnik / Informatik

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