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dc.description.sponsorshipF. Mraz and M. Platek were partially supported by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic under Grant-No. 201/04/2102 and by the program ‘Information Society’ under project 1ET100300517. F. Mraz was also partially supported by the Grant Agency of Charles University under Grant-No. 358/2006/A-INF/MFF.eng
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dc.subjectanalysis by reductioneng
dc.subjectrestarting automataeng
dc.subjectcorrectness preserving propertyeng
dc.subjectdescriptional complexityeng
dc.subjectnonrecursive trade-offseng
dc.titleOn the Descriptional Complexity of Simple RL-Automataeng
dcterms.abstractAnalysis by reduction is a method used in linguistics for checking the correctness of sentences of natural languages. This method is modelled by restarting automata. Here we study a new type of restarting automaton, the so-called t-sRL-automaton, which is an RL-automaton that is rather restricted in that it has a window of size 1 only, and that it works under a minimal acceptance condition. On the other hand, it is allowed to perform up to t rewrite (that is, delete) steps per cycle. We focus on the descriptional complexity of these automata, establishing two complexity measures that are both based on the description of t-sRL-automata in terms of so-called meta-instructions. We present some hierarchy results as well as a non-recursive trade-off between deterministic 2-sRL-automata and finite-state acceptors.eng
dcterms.accessRightsopen access
dcterms.creatorMesserschmidt, Hartmut
dcterms.creatorMráz, František
dcterms.creatorOtto, Friedrich
dcterms.creatorPlátek, Martin
dcterms.isPartOfMathematische Schriften Kasselger
dcterms.isPartOf06, 04ger

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