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dc.subjectGreenness intensityeng
dc.subjectImage analysiseng
dc.subjectNitrogen use efficiencyeng
dc.subjectSap nitrateeng
dc.titleLow-altitude aerial photography for optimum N fertilization of winter wheat on the North China Plaineng
dcterms.abstractPrevious research has shown that site-specific nitrogen (N) fertilizer recommendations based on an assessment of a soil’s N supply (mineral N testing) and the crop’s N status (sap nitrate analysis) can help to decrease excessive N inputs for winter wheat on the North China Plain. However, the costs to derive such recommendations based on multiple sampling of a single field hamper the use of this approach at the on-farm level. In this study low-altitude aerial true-color photographs were used to examine the relationship between image-derived reflectance values and soil–plant data in an on-station experiment. Treatments comprised a conventional N treatment (typical farmers’ practice), an optimum N treatment (N application based on soil–plant testing) and six treatments without N (one to six cropping seasons without any N fertilizer input). Normalized intensities of the red, green and blue color bands on the photographs were highly correlated with total N concentrations, SPAD readings and stem sap nitrate of winter wheat. The results indicate the potential of aerial photography to determine in combination with on site soil–plant testing the optimum N fertilizer rate for larger fields and to thereby decrease the costs for N need assessments.eng
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dcterms.bibliographicCitationIn: Field crops research. Amsterdam : Elsevier. 89.2004, H. 2, S. 389-395
dcterms.creatorJia, L.
dcterms.creatorBürkert, Andreas
dcterms.creatorChen, X.
dcterms.creatorRoemheld, V.
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dc.description.everythingThe original publication is available at www.elsevier.comeng

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