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dc.titleRecent experimental results from spectroscopy of superheavy quasiatomseng
dcterms.abstractThe concept of a "Superheavy Quasiatom" is discussed. Radiative transition times are compared with the lifetime of the intermediate system, cross sections are calculated within a two-collision model and induced transitions and their anisotropic emission are discussed. Recent experimental and theoretical results are presented from collision systems obtained with I-beams bombarding various heavy targets, giving combined Z-values between 120 and 145. Results include the energy dependence of the peak structure interpreted as M X-rays from superheavy quasiatoms and the anisotropy of X-ray emission referred to the beam direction. The data are discussed within the models available. These cannot explain the streng emission of anisotropic radiation in the X-ray energy range of quasiatomic M X-rays at small bombarding energies.eng
dcterms.accessRightsopen access
dcterms.bibliographicCitationIn: Physica scripta. - Bristol : IoP Publ., 10A.1974, S. 175-182
dcterms.creatorArmbruster, Peter
dcterms.creatorKraft, Gerhard
dcterms.creatorMokler, Paul H.
dcterms.creatorFricke, Burkhard
dcterms.creatorStein, Hans-Joachim

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