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dc.publisherKassel University Pressger
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dc.subjectagricultural cooperativeeng
dc.subjectanimal husbandryeng
dc.subjectSouthwest Iraneng
dc.titleFactors influencing the success of animal husbandry cooperatives: A case study in Southwest Iraneng
dcterms.abstractThis survey study aimed at identifying the factors influencing the success of animal husbandry cooperatives in Southwest Iran. Using a questionnaire, the data were collected from 95 managing directors of the cooperatives who were chosen through a multi-stage stratified random sampling method. This study showed an essential need for a systemic framework to analyze the cooperatives’ success. The results showed that the “Honey Bee”, “Cattle (dairy)”, and “Lamb” cooperatives were the most successful among different kinds of the cooperatives. Also, among individual attributes, “interest”, “technical knowledge”, and “understanding the concept of cooperative”; among economic variables, “income” and “current investment”; and among external factors, “market access” have significant correlation with the success while structural variables have no significant relation. Furthermore, among all the factors, four variables (“interest”, “understanding the concept of cooperative”, “market access”, and “other incomes”) can explain the variations of the success.eng
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dcterms.bibliographicCitationIn: Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Tropics and Subtropics. Kassel : Kassel University Press. - Vol. 111, No. 2 (2010), S.89-99
dcterms.creatorAzadi, Hossein
dcterms.creatorHosseininia, Gholamhossein
dcterms.creatorZarafshani, Kiumars
dcterms.creatorHeydari, Aligholi
dcterms.creatorWitlox, Frank
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