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dc.subjectRestarting automatoneng
dc.subjectStateless automatoneng
dc.subjectCooperating distributed systemeng
dc.subjectLanguage hierarchieseng
dc.titleOn Globally Deterministic CD-Systems of Stateless R-Automata with Window Size Oneeng
dc.typeTechnischer Report
dcterms.abstractIt is known that cooperating distributed systems (CD-systems) of stateless deterministic restarting automata with window size 1 accept a class of semi-linear languages that properly includes all rational trace languages. Although the component automata of such a CD-system are all deterministic, in general the CD-system itself is not, as in each of its computations, the initial component and the successor components are still chosen nondeterministically. Here we study CD-systems of stateless deterministic restarting automata with window size 1 that are themselves completely deterministic. In fact, we consider two such types of CD-systems, the strictly deterministic systems and the globally deterministic systems.eng
dcterms.accessRightsopen access
dcterms.creatorNagy, Benedek
dcterms.creatorOtto, Friedrich
dcterms.isPartOfKasseler Informatikschriftenger
dcterms.isPartOf2011, 1ger
dc.description.everythingEine Kurzfassung dieser Arbeit ist zur Tagung LATA 2011 eingereicht und akzeptiert worden. Sie wird im entsprechenden Tagungsband erscheinen: AUTHOR    = Nagy, B., Otto, F. TITLE     = Globally deterministic CD-systems of stateless R(1)-automata EDITOR    = Dediu, A.H., Inenaga, S., Martin-Vide, C. BOOKTITLE = LATA 2011, Proc. SERIES    = Lecture Notes in Computer Science PUBLISHER = Springer ADDRESS   = Berlin YEAR      = 2011ger

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