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dc.publisherUniversität Kassel, FB 17, Mathematik/Informatikeng
dc.rightsUrheberrechtlich geschützt
dc.subjectSingularität <Mathematik>eng
dc.titleA crack on the interface of piezo-electric bodieseng
dcterms.abstractSingularities of elastic and electric fields are investigated at the tip of a crack on the interface of two anisotropic piezo-electric media under various boundary conditions on the crack surfaces. The Griffith formulae are obtained for increments of energy functionals due to growth of the crack and the notion of the energy release matrix is introduced. Normalization conditions for bases of singular solution are proposed to adapt them to the energy, stress, and deformation fracture criteria. Connections between these bases are determined and additional properties of the deformation basis related to the notion of electric surface enthalpy are established.eng
dcterms.accessRightsopen access
dcterms.creatorKulikov, A. A.
dcterms.creatorNazarov, Serguei A.
dcterms.creatorSpecovius-Neugebauer, Maria
dcterms.isPartOfMathematische Schriften Kasseleng
dcterms.isPartOf05, 10eng
dcterms.source.journalMathematische Schriften Kassel
dcterms.source.volume05, 10

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