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dc.rightsNamensnennung 4.0 International*
dc.subjectfruits cropseng
dc.subjectorganic acidseng
dc.subjectperiods of ripeningeng
dc.subjectstatistical analysiseng
dc.titleThe effects of weather factors on titrating acids accumulation in sweet cherry fruitseng
dcterms.abstractDuring the fruit formation, the weather conditions have a decisive influence on the organic acids accumulation. In the context of global climate change, this issue has become new. The study of the titrated acids content in sweet cherry fruits was carried out for 12 years. Cherry fruits of three ripening groups were selected for the study. The average and strong correlation dependence between 11 weather factors and the titrated acids content for the sweet cherries varieties of early, middle, late ripening periods were determined. The ranges of the weather factors share that have the maximum influence on the formation of the titrated acids fund in sweet cherry fruits ( 10.37-34.06%) were established. The research showed that the rate of a maximal titrating acids content have been found in Valeriy Chkalov, Dilema and Udivitelna varieties. The optimal values of sugar-acid indices in the fruits of 31 sort-samples of sweet cherry of all terms of ripening have been established. Weather conditions, which were during the years of the research, had dominating effects on the formation of titrating acids fund for all groups of varieties irrespective of the term of fruit ripening. Ranking of weather factors according to the degree of their influence on the titrated acids accumulation in sweet cherry fruits of three ripening periods has revealed that for varieties of early, middle and late ripening periods of sweet cherry varieties the maximum influence and 1 rank factor has the average monthly precipitation in May; for medium ripening period varieties is the average minimum relative humidity in May.eng
dcterms.accessRightsopen access
dcterms.creatorIvanova, Iryna
dcterms.creatorSerdyuk, Marina
dcterms.creatorMalkina, Vira
dcterms.creatorTymoshchuk, Tetiana
dcterms.creatorShlieina, Lludmyla
dcterms.creatorPokoptseva, Liubov
dcterms.creatorZoria, Mykhailo
dcterms.creatorTaranenko, Halyna
dc.subject.swdOrganische Säurenger
dc.subject.swdStatistische Analyseger
dcterms.source.issueNo. 1
dcterms.source.journalFuture of Food: Journal on Food, Agriculture & Societyeng
dcterms.source.volumeVol. 11

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